Lessons from female entrepreneurs

Bambi Francisco Roizen · August 13, 2007 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/37

It's really exciting to see more women appearing on Vator.tv as entrepreneurs. But maybe that shouldn't be so surprising. Women start businesses at two times the rate of men, according to Women's Financial Network. There are about 10.4 million women who own a small business in the U.S., with 242,000 having grown their businesses to $1 million in sales, according to an article in Business Week. Recently, I've attended a number of events for female entrepreneurs. At one event, I met Rachel Cook, the founder of Minti, a parent-to-parent social networking place for parents to write, read, share and rank advice articles on parenting. Rachel has been an serial entrepreneur since her early 20's. Her new venture definitely marries her love for entrepreneuship and building and her family life. In this video, Rachel shares her lessons about being an entrepreneur, and offers some advice about trying to have be everything at once - CEO, mother and wife. 

If you want to hear more lessons from female entrepreneurs, check out: NCWIT Heroes, which is a series of magazine-style audio interviews highlighting women entrepreneurs in Information Technology. In the series, about 20 women IT entrepreneurs share their stories about lives and work, what they've about being an entrepreneurs, and how they first got into technology. 

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