We help mobile apps grow their active user base 10 times faster than their competition.
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Company description

Yozio is the perfect solution to amplify your mobile growth. Our Mobile Growth Platform brings you the same powerful mobile growth technologies that Twitter and Netflix built for themselves, so you can 

  • Understand what your best users looks like.
  • Find the best channel, messaging and context to acquire them.
  • Activate them before they churn away.


1) Who's the problem with current solutions?

 Acquiring mobile app user is very hard and expensive, turning the hard earned app installs into loyal users is even more harder. We are productizing even better technologies than what Twitter & Netflix have developed internally to grow their user base, and making it available to all of the mobile app creators.


2) Who's your target customer? SMBs? Mobile apps? Any particular vertical?

Anyone who has a mobile app, and trying to get more loyal users. 

3) Are you an analytics company? 

 Sort of, but much more than that. We work with apps and their current analytics vendors to provide much deeper user insights, and essential technologies to improve their chance of turning ordinary users into high value users. 


4) How do you help your customers acquire more mobile users? Can you provide a case study?

 We use the same scientific methods that Twitter/LinkedIn/Netflix are using to optimize their products.

Key Steps 
1) Understand what the best users look like. (ie. "7 friends in 10 days")
2) Find the best channel, messaging & context to get them.
3) Activate them before they churn away.


However, it's a very slow process and super expansive to do for most companies, so we made it much more automated, and much easier to use, and accessible to most of the companies who are trying to get more high value users for their mobile app.


Case studies:
Airbnb has mentioned us on their dev blog about how they hacked their word of mouth on mobile.

5) How much do your customers pay?

We have a tiered monthly subscription model that depends on which module and how much our customers uses our product. Ranging from $1,500 a month to $5,000 a month.

6) What kind of "actionable" data do you deliver? 


What your best (the most engaging users, high retaining, or high LTV users, etc) users / user profile look like?


+ Using twitter as an example, their best users (meaning come back to use their service after 30 days) follow 30+ friends, and have 1/3 of their friends follow them back.


How are they different from the ordinary users?


+ For example, our algorithm might find 
  + female customers are 2.7X more likely to make the purchase, but they are only 20% of overall user base - ouch, better figure out how to 
  + if your users have completed their netflix like 'taste profile', they are 3.8X more likely to retain for more than 6 months, but currently, only 3% of the total users have completed these. - ouch, better help them complete the taste profile


Which channels, messaging, context are the best to find my best users?


+ twitter? facebook? email? sms? viral? content? when? where? what kind of condition? what message made them convert?


Disclaimer: These are just examples. The numbers mentioned are not real reflections of the actual companies or customers data.



Awards and Mentions
Business model

Software as a Service.

Competitive advantage

Our core team and advisory team have a lot of Growth experience from Yahoo, Netflix, LinkedIn, etc.

We specialize in engineered marketing, user life cycle management & generating user insights from petabytes scale datasets. Combining these cutting edge concepts, we are able to create much more efficient software systems to better acquire and retain users for mobile apps.

We've been one of the earliest to explore this subject on Mobile, and have accumulated a lot of knowledge/insights about how to grow on mobile. We already have many paying customers, including Airbnb, Pinterest, and many other successful apps, and they have been very happy with the results.

The founding team has a lot of startup experience. Prior to Yozio, Lei (CEO) has been starting companies since he was 18, and Li (CTO) has started 4 companies and had 1 successful exit since his early 20's.

Our exceptionally passionate & supportive investor & advisory team is consisted of the many experienced technology and business veterans from Yahoo, eBay, LinkedIn, Microsoft, etc.

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