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YourDay, Inc
Haverhill, Massachusetts, United States United States
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YourDay is well positioned to become the industry leader for patented video capture and proprietary image insertion technology.  This is a real company that is up and running successfully, and primed for substantial growth. The YourDay system was first installed in 2007 at Alton Towers in the UK, and is already generating significant revenue, having proven that both the concept and the technology work extremely well.  In addition to further sales and licensing opportunities with theme parks, destination resorts, and major tourist attractions, YourDay is strongly focused on converging synergistic IT and wireless media delivery applications, web based social networking opportunities, and high tech security environments.

YourDay shareholders are seeking the right financial partner to help accelerate growth, pursue immediate opportunities, and take a proven and very scalable business model to the next level.

As digital video technology evolved, storage became cost effective, and RFID technology proved to be an effective method to identify and track data, YourDay’s patented concept of a park-wide personalized video souvenir became economically reasonable to achieve. The value proposition for the YourDay investor is very different today than it was for the company’s founders and early investors. In the beginning, YourDay was patents with promise; a technology and business plan with a story. Today, the promise and the story are dramatically advanced because critical milestones have been achieved. YourDay is off the drawing board; the video-capture system has been built, the software is written, the technology is proven, and the company is open for business and producing revenue.

The time has come to really expand and take YourDay to the next level.  Since opening its operation at Alton Towers on August 12, 2007, it has sold over 35,000 DVDs to park visitors and has a five-year contract with the Merlin Entertainment Group, the world’s second largest visitor attraction operator in the world (second to Disney).  The company believes this is extremely fertile ground in which to grow.  As sales and marketing have consistently increased in 2008, success at Alton Towers has led to current negotiations for install YourDay systems at other major locations.  

There are also many exciting IT applications for YourDay being explored.  One need only regard the success of YouTube, MySpace, and other social networking sites, and view the worldwide adoption of enabling technologies and functionalities provided by Apple, Google, and others, to see how the promise and story that was YourDay can now be realized. YourDay views itself as a natural species in the ecosystem of these converging technologies as evidenced by the commercial viability and attraction of personalized digital imagery across cyberspace.

YourDay believes that the future will witness theme parks increasingly adopting RFID technology for ticketing, customer control, and other applications, and this trajectory of technology will increasingly lead the parks to converge with YourDay’s proprietary technology. The company further believes that the personalized photographic and video theme park souvenirs will ultimately merge (standard video being 30 still photographs per second) and that the ideal offering will include still photographs and personalized video (including on-ride video) together. On-ride video is in the experimental early stage and is an application that YourDay intends to develop dramatically in the near term.

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