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XchangeTube.com is an online video delivery website similar to YouTube.com, but with a focus on public companies that want to promote themselves globally, and using 18 international stock exchanges as delivery channels.


 7 in the Middle East (English & Arabic)

 5 in North & South America (English, Spanish, Portuguese)

 3 in Europe (English, French, German, Norwegian)

 3 in Africa, Australia, India


XchangeTube.com helps companies tell their corporate stories using various media (video, voice, PDFs, etc.) to reach investors, potential investors and other targeted audiences. Clients have full control over the media they upload, activating or de-activating it as they desire.


The 18 channels (global stock exchanges) give public companies continuous control of their online advertising and traffic creation, while helping them distribute corporate information to new and current investors in locations not previously accessible.


For example, an Australian investor can search for copper companies to invest in within Canada (or globally), or a Canadian mining company can promote itself to oil-rich countries in the Middle East through a corporate video. XchangeTube makes it possible for people thousands of miles apart, speaking different languages, to connect, share information and invest!


XchangeTube's goal is to be the world's largest, up-to-date corporate video/media database, giving users the ability to search through several sectors in 18 international stock exchanges. Users are able to search companies according to ticker name, company name, sector or sub-sector.

XchangeTube is a user-friendly website built to make international investing faster and easier, while giving companies that have posted, greater exposure to global audiences.

It is a "one-stop site" for investors to visit, search and review companies (locally or globally) to decide if they are right for their portfolio.


With 18 stock exchanges, users are not confined to trading on one or two stock exchanges, but can direct their advertising dollars toward the "hotter" stock exchanges and control where their dollars are going.


XchangeTube.com offers companies a single place to promote themselves, making it easier to connect to potential shareholders and investors.


XchangeTube is optimized to work with major internet networks such as Google, AOL and Yahoo, to name a few. With strategically placed banner ads and key words from each stock exchange, XchangeTube receives more qualified traffic from industries specific to each sector, bringing your company's information to your target audiences.


XchangeTube's Broker Section gives clients an advantage over other websites. Investors get the information they need to buy stocks right away, so they don't have to search the internet to find the companies they are interested in.