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Company description
WiseCampus.com is an innovative and dynamically driven Web 2.0 business that allows all U.S. college students to solve the problem of missed classroom notes through an educationally oriented social network. The WiseCampus experience has allowed us to obtain over 25,000 members and 250,000 notes to date.


WiseCampus.com was founded to meet a challenge—students need notes from classes they have missed because of athletic events, family emergencies, and personal illnesses. The site also allows students to review past study guides and helps students who struggle with taking classroom notes, have attention span issues, or don’t understand the concepts of a lecture.

The social networking aspect of the site is beneficial to students and advertisers. Features offered to students include question and answer boards, group study sessions, and real-time blogging. Advertisers will be drawn to the site because of our ability to connect them with very specific demographics. When members join the site, they provide their location, age, university, and other relevant information. As traditional forms of media, like print and broadcast, continue to decline as viable advertising channels, a site like WiseCampus, which allow for highly targeted advertising, will be poised to pick up significant revenue.

Business model
WiseCampus will generate local, regional, and national advertising revenue from display, e-mail, and mobile advertisements. Premium member content will generate revenue from users. The site can grow both vertically and internationally.
Competitive advantage
Paramount to our competitive model is the content of the notes. Only through the proprietary functions and systems that we have established can the notes be kept relevant, accurate, and timely. WiseCampus.com provides instant incentives for active participation on the site, allowing us to deliver applicable and up-to-date information, which separates us from our competitors. With WiseCampus.com acquiring a first-mover advantage, we have been able to develop the economies of scale, allowing us to distance ourselves from the competition.