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Veveo’s mission is to simplify access to web video content from Internet-connected devices.

Our vTap solution is a quick and easy way to experience web videos from input and display constrained devices such as mobile phones and TVs. It’s an elegant web video solution that puts the power of searching, browsing and viewing of web videos at the fingertips of consumers – including on the new iPhone.

Mobile operators, TV providers, and consumer electronics manufacturers can use vTap to deliver the interactive future and more. It can facilitate new, high value services, increase ARPU, boost loyalty and drive customer acquisition. vTap can help enhance the brands of content creators and extend the reach of their web video content distribution. And for advertisers, it’s an efficient and highly effective way to reach the growing universe of interconnected consumers in contextual settings that really work.

vTap isn’t just another way to search for videos on the web – it’s the next generation of web video experience for mobile consumers, content creators, service providers and advertisers everywhere.