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Company description

uBlanket is a web-based consumer products company specializing in upcycling, converting waste or useless materials into new products. At this time we sell a T-shirt blanket that is designed in our web-based layout software. Customers can design unique blankets from T-shirts that they have collected from high school, college, sports, or other lifestyle activities.



Business model

uBlanket: Business Model

uBlanket purports itself as a premium brand focused on quality and meaningful experiences. If you buy from uBlanket, you are not just buying a t-shirt blanket; you are buying an experience into your life story. Our products help our customers tell their stories in an artistic and creative fashion. Moreover, uBlanket is a brand that represents societal responsibility. We contribute to materials made from excess blankets to Project Night Night, a Non-Profit group that gives blankets to homeless children, and represent an ecofriendly approach.

We sell our blankets through our website at:  www.ublanket.com

Competitive advantage

uBlanket offers six reasons what you should choose use to make your memory blanket:

(1) Customer satisfaction

Our customers have voiced their delight by sending us notes. Here is one below:

“I recently received a u blanket and I'm so pleased with it!! It's everything a blanket should be so personal and comfy! Great job I will tell all my friends about it!! “ -Casta G., NY

(2) Quality

We fully quilt our blankets and use high quality backing. Every blanket is also made with high-loft batting to make it warm and cozy. Additionally we fully quilt your blanket so they last for many years.

(3) Creativity

You get to easily design your uBlanket online using our custom online blanket builder tool. Instead of trying to guess what your blanket is going to look like, you design every aspect of it. From the backing color to how each shirt is cut. It's up to you!

(4) Philanthropy

We don't like wasting things here at uBlanket. So every bit of extra fabric generated from blanket orders is used to make blankets for homeless children. We have an outstanding partnership with Project Night Night, a non-profit organization devoted to helping underprivileged children. They help us distribute the blankets to children effectively.

(5) Price

We have seen some "companies" offering a blanket made out of shirts for upwards of $350; we think this is outrageous. uBlanket strives to have the best quality product at the lowest possible price. We want as many people as possible to be able to afford such a cool blanket. Every blanket we sell is made by a professional seamstress or tailor in the USA.

(6) Speed

Once you design your blanket online we'll have it sewed and shipped within one week! While others require up to 4 weeks, an entire month, we make sure our blankets all ship within one week.