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Travelmate is a personalized website that helps you plan a trip based on your preferences and streamlines the way your leisure time is spent. Travelmate provides a one-stop shopping experience for all your traveling needs. From the macro level, it can be used to determine the destination. From a micro level, it can tell you what time your movie will start, how to get to the nearest coffee shop, and what hotel you should stay at. The site can be used to plan everything from an afternoon outing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to an evening at the San Francisco Opera to a night of salsa dancing in Miami. It can book your flight, your hotel, your restaurant, and your entertainment and give you directions and information along the way.  You will be able to rate other travelers’ preferences and store them, opt for a different itinerary, and provide feedback about your experience. You can create and share your favorite travel plans with your friends and families. will create a cohesive and personalized travel planning experience. Travelmate serves as your mate while you are on your trip to save you time and money by synchronizing your travel plan to your mobile phone that you can access anywhere, anytime, and anyway you want.
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