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The Magic Button for TV
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Thumbs Up is the magic button for TV. You watch a show. You love a moment of that show. And you can instantly share that moment with friends.

Through a plug-and-play API, TV shows integrate Thumbs Up into any second-screen app to establish a real-time connection with their audience.

Thumbs Up lets the audience vote, rate and share great moments of a show with one touch in real-time - enabling new, interactive TV experiences that increase viewer engagement, live viewership and ad revenue.

Beta results here. Beta app here. Beta analytics dashboard here.

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Business model


The average American watches 4.75 hours of TV per day (4 of it live - not DVR'd or timeshifted in any way).  Shows with high live viewership and viewer engagement receive the highest advertising rates. This is why the Social TV market is estimated at $250B+ by 2017.

Our clear niche is a focus on letting viewers instantly react to moments of live TV - increasing live viewerhsip and viewer engagement.

Our go-to-market is a white-label API that is open and easy to embed in any network or show-branded second-screen app.

We have built our web app to show the power of the API and see incredible engagement numbers on it.

In the long-term, we will optimize for data-acquisition.  We'll ensure the API is free and open to as many people as possible and refine the data into data products, sold to the same customers that find value in Nielsen data.

Our long-term goal is simple: become the first real-time measure of viewer engagement.

Initial revenue - Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Long-term revenue - Data Products

Competitive advantage

Massive scalability of truly real-time interaction.

Unique focus on simple one-touch gestures. Aggregated engagement data returned within 1 second (unlike Twitter or any text-based feedback),

2000x higher levels of engagement per user v. Twitter.

Team:  CEO is a former PBS NOVA producer. CTO has built multiple-node real-time networks and systems for venture-backed startups.


Allan Tear
Allan is managing partner of Betaspring, a mentor-centric startup accelerator that has launched 57 startups. Allan has founded three venture-funded startups: Elastic Networks, Incanta, and WhyData.
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Owen Johnson - Unconfirmed
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