The History Project
Location: 625 Fairmount Ave, Oakland, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2014
Stage: Napkin (idea)
Number of employees: 6-15
Funding history:
- Date: 09/2015, Seed: $1.9 M (post valuation: $9000000).
Investors: Yogen Dalal
Investment Firms: New York Times, Matter Ventures, Associated Press
- Date: 01/2015, Accelerator/Incubator: $50 k
Investment Firms: Matter Ventures
Short URL:
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The History Project

Where Memories Live
Oakland, California, United States United States

The History Project (THP) is changing how our history is told by re-inventing the digital time capsule. THP has created a space between the momentary chatter of social media and the automation of cloud storage to unify our most important memories and curate them beautifully into collaborative multi-media narratives that transcend generations.

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Company description

The History Project (THP) is changing the way our history is captured and told by re-inventing a new form of digital time capsule. As a pinterest of emotional belongings, THP has created a space between social media and cloud storage to unify our most important memories and curate them beautifully into collaborative multi-media narratives that transcend generations.  We are the opposite of snapchat and recognize that as digital content explodes there needs to be a place where the most meanigful things can be preserved forever, richly and beautifully.















  • Niles Lichtenstein
    Niles Lichtenstein | Founder
    A business, technology and community leader with the proven ability to bring digital media products to market, to run a high-performing sales team, and to deliver corporate and operational strategy. With a background in management consulting at...
  • Ben Yee
    Ben Yee | Founder
    An experience design professional and optimist, doing good things for real people. Co-Founder at The History Project (THP). Previously worked at AKQA, Gilt Groupe, PoachIt, STEADY, and NYU. Studied at Tufts and New York University, ITP.
  • e f
    e f | Team member
  • Robert Zimmerman
    Robert Zimmerman | Team member
    An Innovative Programmer with “Full Stack” knowledge and experience in web development’s design and architecture. Collaborating with multidisciplinary teams for the many projects that started as a “proof of concept” and flourished to a complete CR...
Business model

Freemium platform, releasing a premium offering in late Q2 that will enable additional back-up of content, with auto-updating of files as well as a few unique curation features and access to archival content that helps enrich your history project.

We're also releasing additional services to better reduce the fragmentation of getting important memories and stories:

  • Digitizing physical assets and media (avg cart size for these services has been $250 in early tests)
  • History concierge to interview and capture your life story 
  • Photobook creation and other tangible products

We also are working through many B2B2C channels creating portal pages that link into our platform for example: AARP to connect Millennials with their parents stories, CNHI - 130 city newspapers that will be releasing ways in which to capture your story as a part of a community narrative and building your own narrative, RocNation and celebrities engaging with their fans to contribute to their own curated life stories.

Competitive advantage
  • Major media investors and advisors e.g. New York Times, Associated Press with integration into archives to capture context for our own memories
  • Built out eco-system of integrated data sources (Facebook, Instagram, Search, Timeloop Databases, etc)
  • Eco-system of third party service providers
  • Unique visual frameworks for curating media
  • Network of trained history concierges
  • Q3 integration with for eternal back-up and algorithims to update media files to latest file type while keeping original files
  • That we're not Facebook or Google - but a more sacred space in between
  • Built out deep advisory board with expertise in cloud storage and security, platforms, celebrity and media, genealogy and family history
Investor Deafult Image
Russell Hirsch - Unconfirmed
New York Times
This summer we’re launching two classes in parallel: San Francisco and New York City
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