Ground-breaking semantic tools for the Web
San Jose, California, United States United States
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Company description

TextDigger is a San Jose, CA-based startup developing advanced semantic solutions for the Web, including hosted semantic search, automated content tagging and topic generation, and optimized keyword generation. These products make Web pages more findable, both to outside search engines such as Google and to other pages within the same site via cross-linking and related search. The result is increased revenue from higher inbound traffic and longer sessions. TextDigger was founded by a group of former CNET employees and executives who developed patented linguistic technologies that, today, are used to enhance the content on thousands of pages within CNET's award winning websites.

  • Tim Musgrove
    Tim Musgrove | Team member
    Dr. Tim Musgrove is the Founder & Executive Chairmain of Temnos, which provides scalable content intelligence via Platform-as-a-Service.Tim's background areas of ontology, philosophy of language, and cognitive semantics are significantly visib...
  • Bernard Picot
    Bernard Picot | Team member
Business model

TextDigger markets its semantic profiling and tagging modules to 3rd party websites, and charges on a volume-based subscription model.