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Company description

Expert Senior Living Reviews

  • Tal Ziv
    Tal Ziv | Founder
    CEO and co-founder at @Silver Living. GE Corp Dev/M&A + VC; @Sopogy SVP (Omidyar & Black River funded); US Air Force Major. @Cornell CS
  • Michael Cirello
    Michael Cirello | Founder
    Cofounder & CTO at Silver Living. Ex-VP Engineering at, developer at MSFT.
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Business model

Monetization: We provide referrals directly to the communities. Each move-in pays 60% of the first month's rent and care, which equals $2300. At current SEM conversions, our full funnel cost for a move-in is less than $300.

Competitive advantage

We are building a large database of unique content that includes hundreds of thousands of photos and videos. This provides cheaper user acquisitions through SEO and higher user conversions. We are also building the only brand in the industry that has an independent standpoint that people will trust. There is no Zagat for senior care. This will increase the lifetime value of our customers and give us opportunities for additional revenue streams.