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Definity First
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Los Angeles, California, United States United States
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Company description

We create high quality software solutions using Microsoft technologies with the advantage of being a nearshore software development firm. We deliver collaboration sites with business intelligence capabilities, and custom software solutions that generate business efficiency. We also create interactive web site experiences that are an enticing selling point for our client's business.

Our results-based philosophy has allowed Sieena to successfully deliver solutions on time and on budget in manufacturing, human resources, insurance, finance, and many other business areas.

We proud ourselves of always working with the latest technologies, please see our newest product release at: an employee self-service portal.

Competitive advantage


Because of the proximity to the US you will find many benefits while working with Sieena as your IT partner like:

·         Work using Agile methodologies.

·         Communicate frequently during office hours with our local team of experts.

·         You can reach and meet in person your local team with just a 3 hours flight.

·         You can bring people together when the project requires it without wasting time in airports and traveling back and forth.

·         With up to 40% reduced rates, you can save your company money to use in other key activities.

·         Because our location is in the heart of the technological center in Mexico, you will always have enough experienced and bilingual resources for your projects.

·         NAFTA legal framework provides protection for your intellectual property.

·         Our multidisciplinary team will always deliver functional and stunning applications.

·         We have strong understanding of the US business culture; our clients come back to us for more project work.