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6-in-10 high school students are disengaged. Disengagement explains half of today’s high school drop-outs. Real-world projects, with authentic interactions with corporate partners, can increase graduation rates by 50%. Yet, only 1% of teachers use them since they are time-consuming to organize, taking 5x longer than traditional curriculum design. Sidekick’s intelligent digital assistant allows high school teachers to turn current problems of corporate partners into standards-aligned, personalized curricula in seconds. We source relevant, real-time projects from our bank of project partners, match them to curriculum standards using proprietary machine ontology learning algorithms, and curate them in an easy-to-search format for teachers who then select a project, modify the pre-developed project plan to their preference and run it in class. Sidekick also provides access to tool and resources relevant to the project. Sidekick sells a limited-feature license for the cloud software to teachers or a fully-featured license and dedicated support services to schools and districts. With a minimally-functional prototype and supporting concierge services, Sidekick has completed its first teacher pilot and has 4 more pilots lined up for the rest of 2017. We are closing on two contracts for full school licenses and have leads from schools and districts across 6 states.