SafeGuard Guaranty Corporation

SafeGuard Guaranty Corporation
insuring your happily ever after
Raleigh, North Carolina, United States United States
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Company description

SafeGuard Guaranty Corporation will be the first company in the world to offer Marriage Insurance.   This unique product offers a combination of wealth creation, rewards for couples who have a successful marriage and protection against the financial devastation of divorce.

Business model

Safeguard Guaranty Corporation will offer affordable Marriage Assurancesm policies to individuals world-wide that will provide a guaranteed superior long term return on investment in conjunction with insurance protection against potential financial loss as a result of divorce.

Insurance agents, financial planners, wealth managers and financial institutions will see this new insurance offering as a welcome addition to the other precautionary and/or wealth creation/preservation policies they have already sold their clients.

 The company intends to market its product aggressively through six major channels:

  • Existing insurance companies and insurance brokerages
  • Large scale employee benefits providers
  • Financial planners and wealth management consultants
  • Financial institutions such as banks, credit unions, savings & loans
  • Joint marketing agreements with non-insurance market leaders in specific segments
  • A proprietary direct-to-consumer internet marketing and sales system

Being first to market, SafeGuard is positioned to capture and defend a major share of this untapped market and create exceptional value for our investors in the process.

Competitive advantage
  • First to market
  • Proprietary online application technology
  • Immediate global reach
  • Extremely low overhead