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Company description

Ria Health is a tech-enabled telehealth provider that delivers evidence-based treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD). 

Ria Health's mission is to provide a safe, effective, and affordable treatment for AUD.  Ria Health is a breakthrough treatment for heavy drinkers who want a private, effective, and convenient way to reduce or stop drinking.

The Medical care team uses evidence-based protocols that include medication, harm reduction & CBT. The Ria app enhances engagement, facilitating video/phone visits, Breathalyzer measurement, and outcome progress. Ria aligns with Payers' and Employers' objectives to provide accessible, evidence-based treatment for chronic conditions that improve mental & physical health and productivity.


Ria Health has contracted with the largest payers to provide evidence-based telehealth treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder.


Business model

Ria Health's treatment program is offered on a monthly FFS bundled payment model.  Month 1-3 costs $800 per month and months 4-12+ cost $200 per month.  

Competitive advantage

Ria Health's competitive advantage comes from our 3 years of outcome data.  The Ria Data set has more than 400,000 interactions and objective outcome data.

Ria Health's contracts with the largest health plans have had 18-24 month sales cycles and we have an advantage over new entrants due to our early mover efforts.  

Ria Health is able to move towards at-risk value-based payment plans in the future due to our large volume of outcome data and first-mover advantage.

Ria Health's engagement and targeting capabilities provide health plans and employers effective and compliant ways to provide awareness and treatment options to at-risk members.