Location: Via Montebello, 8 c/o Enlabs , Rome, Italy Italy
Founded in: 2011
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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Awards and mentions
We have been selected to the Govern's National Program as best innovative invention for 2012. The winners will be elected next June.

very good idea

Qurami team is very focused on company mission: avoid wasting time in queue. I know personally the founders and I think that they are dreamers and very pragmatic and the same time. They deserve a chance!



Time Saved
Rome, Italy Italy

Qurami is an Italian start-up born from a simple idea: reduce the waste of time in everyday life. The first service launched by Qurami is a mobile application for the management of people’s time while queueing.Currently, the application is downloadable in Italy for iPhone OS and Android. The application is totally free to the end user.

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Company description

Qurami is a geolocalized mobile application that helps you avoid any kind of wasting of time where it occurs. It sets your precious time free from the inefficiency of the services you need.

With Qurami you can remotely improve your waiting experience directly from  your mobile device connected to the Internet  and be updated real time about the status of all the services and receive all the information you need.

Qurami "unlocks" your time.

  • Luca Escoffier
    Luca Escoffier | Team member
    Experienced technology transfer professional and innovation manager with 10+ years of experience. Fellow at Stanford and Waseda. For more info:
  • Roberto Macina
    Roberto Macina | Team member
  • Manolo Abrignani
    Manolo Abrignani | Team member
    I ran my first start up when I was 21. I tried to learn form every client, from every colleague, from every competitor. Today I'm challenging to contribute to build a better tomorrow for everyone.
Business model

We have a structured business model that will contribute to a fast adoption of our technology.

For his first service Qurami refers to a fairly simple business model based on two types of revenues (in two different phases):

STEP 1 - fixed annual fee paid by the customer AND/OR a processing fee, which is variable according to the number of end users.

STEP 2 – geolocalized ads through splashscreens showed during the issuance of the e-ticket.

To know more about our service offerings, we will be physically present at the event with a demo table and we will  be plased to be in touch with you! 

Competitive advantage

Qurami's competitive advantage is related to its capability of saving customers' time in the easiest, cheapest and most intuitive way in many situations of everyday life.

Qurami app, by its nature, is a universal platform,  which easily and seamlessly integrates with existing ticketing machines as a result of research studies conducted by the Qurami team, to make it the reference app for time saving while queueing. This is one of the main distinguishing factors between Qurami and other similar solutions that are tied up to a single type of ticketing machine or they are just stand-alone products.

Contacts and strong links  in Europe, Asia and the Americas are also among our key streghts.

For more info, in the Vator Funder Section, please (please) see the links to the video and a pdf presentation.