Prolog Ventures

Venture Capital for Healthy Living
Angel group or VC
Oakland, California, United States United States
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Venture Capital for Healthy Living:
Prolog backs companies that help all of us live healthier lives in a healthier world.
Investment themes include:
For much of history, the aim of health care was treating disease. Today, we witness a growing shift toward preventing it. Prolog invests in innovations that empower us to eat right, stay active and embrace the lifestyle of wellness.
Even when everything seems to go well, a problem may lurk underneath. Learning about it in time can make all the difference. Prolog invests in technologies that detect early threats to our health.
No one exists in a bubble. The world around us has a profound impact on our health. Prolog invests in solutions that protect the environment and promote sustainable living.
We focus on partnering with passionate entrepreneurs to build great sustaining companies.  
Interest areas include: Digital/Mobile Healthcare, Consumer empowerment in Health and Wellness, Nutrition, Healthy Living, Diagnostic Products, Genomics, Big Data applied ot Healthcare, Medical Devices and the Tools and Platforms of Life Science Innovation.