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Company description

Primo Multimedia is an ambitious full-service production house and digital network, employing modern technologies to build communities, bridge communication gaps and help our viewers navigate life. We all possess unique backgrounds and diverse experiences, but Primo believes in certain universal elements of American life: love, family, health, work and play. Our content is focused on these conditions and a general need for programming that enlivens, inspires and challenges viewers. At Primo Multimedia, we believe in quality, despite pressing economic challenges. We believe in big ideas and the power of ambition. But above all else, we believe in people, encouraging our co-workers, partners and viewers to discover their best lives, every day. 

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Business model

Overview: Media Services

Primo Multimedia blasts through today’s noise and malaise with inspiring programming on television, radio, mobile devices, online and in your inbox. As experienced members of the media, our fingers are firmly on the pulse of broadcasting industry. In May 2010, following the FCC’s Broadband Plan, twelve major broadcasting networks joined forced to create Pearl Mobile DTV[1]. The company’s goal: combine resources and content to broadcast to roughly 150 million Americans through handheld, mobile devices. Such ground-breaking partnerships are little surprise considering these statistics: 92% of Americans use multiple platforms to get news on a typical day and a staggering 46% of the population - nearly half - rely on at least four to six different information platforms[2]. Primo Multimedia is committed to building consistent, identifiable brands that our clients can use in any medium. We acknowledge the increasingly competitive nature of the industry and we understand many broadcasters and networks are hungry for new, cost-effective ways to capture an audience and deliver unique content to viewers. Primo’s invigorating lifestyle brands go beyond your average news report. Each story we tell is thoroughly researched, designed to build a diverse community of viewers and produce a convergent network of information.

Primo Multimedia is spurred by cutting-edge ideas and powered through an expansive network of energetic professionals and eager participants. Our content is designed to provide information and inspiration to those people seeking solutions and ways to channel their desires. We strive for stories that touch the heart and hard-hitting reports that will make a difference in your life.

· Content for Traditional Media: Primo Multimedia caters to a wide variety of prospective media partners, but our broadcasting business segment is a keystone service. Primo produces programming suitable for network and cable television, radio and corporate clientele. These services are distributed through two distinct divisions:

1) Bespoke Productions: This division specifically targets our clients in television and radio broadcasting. Our talented production team offers fully customizable lifestyle packages with accompanying promotional materials for seamless integration into your broadcast or website, every day - just track and attach. Primo Multimedia guarantees market exclusivity for all Bespoke Productions. Our clients will receive a daily set of scripts and pre-packaged content via our secure FTP content management portal. In every scenario, Primo’s Bespoke division offers our clients a reliable source of top-notch daily content – all at a fraction of current costs (reporter salary, time and general resources). Services and fees are negotiable.

2) Primo Productions: Primo Multimedia also offers our exclusive brand of immaculate and uplifting lifestyle reports for syndication. As we grow, Primo Multimedia will cultivate an impressive series of web-based franchises, built with our modern viewers in mind. Each franchise will be produced with breakout components, designed specifically for use by our broadcasting clientele. From the outset, Primo Multimedia will own and operate two signature enterprises:™ and™. For both productions, we will produce daily reports and manage online publications, web-chats and Q&A’s with topical experts. A short-format version of our video content and select publications will be offered to television stations, complete with branding and Primo’s media player, for free through our convergent syndication service.

· Content for Digital Media: Digital media is both the now and future of information systems. The internet is the fastest growing sector amongst advertisers and, for our viewers, its popularity and utility is expanding at a staggering rate. Primo Multimedia’s digital media business segment consists of operations relating to our network of web franchises and online properties, including but not limited to: original web series, live sponsored web events, digital newsletters, e-Books, satellite/broadband radio, iTunes podcasts and onDemand cable partnerships. In the pursuit of these mobile and interactive ventures, Primo Multimedia plans to incorporate both established (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc) and emerging social media outlets. Our initial digital properties include:

1) Get inspired by real stories and expert advice on issues that matter most in your life. American television journalist, James Valles greets our viewers with his can-do attitude and outgoing personality, uniting a network of professionals to cultivate solutions to everyday problems. On, you can expect to find daily videos, interactive discussions, and real-life stories from Americans who are searching for a lifeline or a place to share their tales of struggle and success. Join James as he takes on every aspect of your life: food, family, money, health, style, pets, and, of course, your self. is designed to help you “discover your best life, every day"™. 

No question is too small on Leading professionals within their respective industries tackle your questions. Communication lines are always open. takes your concerns in-person and via e-mail, phone, Twitter, Skype and ever-evolving interactive platforms. Get those nagging issues addressed through and our partner stations and websites. Our dream team of experts dishes out advice on: health, fitness, money, relationships, food, home & garden, entertaining, style, beauty, self & inspiration, pets, crafts, travel, arts, travel and technology. You name it! We have an expert just waiting to step in. On you’ll see online discussions and incredible real-life stories.

· Original Web Series: In addition to our digital franchises, Primo Multimedia will produce several web series each year, tackling one hyper-specific topic in a comprehensive fashion. Each exclusive web series will include engaging videos, blogs, product reviews, forums and an abundance of advertising and merchandising opportunities.

· Content for Corporate Businesses: Primo Multimedia’s lifestyle programming is suitable for use within many corporate environments. From in-flight programs to health-specific content for doctor’s offices, Primo is available at every turn. Consult with our team of talented producers as they help you realize your vision and push your company towards a higher standard for success. Commercial shoots, short-form informational reports, custom newsletters and website consultation services are offered through Primo Multimedia. Licensing fees and service costs are negotiable by contract; some content may be provided free-of-charge through sponsorship and pre-approved advertising packages negotiated by Primo Multimedia.