Polaris Mobility

Reinventing Healthcare Transportation
Smyrna, Georgia, United States United States
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Company description
Polaris Mobility is transportation technology platform that connects ride payers and ride requestors to a credential network of transportation service providers. Our technology platform enables ride booking and assignment to transportation service providers. We also provide real-time visibility including ETAs and ride event updates to all parties (including the passenger and their caregiver).
Our transportation service provider marketplace includes full integration with Lyft Healthcare and UberHealth, native dispatch services and mobile driver apps to support and modernize the transportation service provider's in your network, plus we have open integration into any best of breed dispatch solution.
Polaris Mobility can be white-labeled and serve as a transportation HUB for any organization managing their own transportation needs. Or, we can provide complete turn-key healthcare transportation services and operations.

Business model

Transportation Providers: Tiered ride subscription model starting at $99 per month for up to 1,000 managed rides.

Funders/Sponsors/Payers (e.g. Health Plans/Health Systems): We support two options. Option 1: Leverage PoMo's technology and platform to self-manage and broker all healthcare transportation rides within the plan/system. $1.00 per managed ride. Options 2: The health plans/system contracts with PoMo to provide outsourced turnkey managed brokerage services. $5.00 per managed ride.

Competitive advantage

-White-labeled platform. We are the only technology platform and company to offer our networked and multi-tenant network as a white-labeled self manage solution in addition to our turnkey brokerage services.

-Vertical integration. Unlike the competitive landscape, we are building the transportation provider network, rather than partnering with 3rd parties. This is to manage quality, align incentives, and infer greater experiential data during patient-rider experiences to enabled more patient centric treatment and improved outcomes.

-We have a unique business model and solution to address transportation capacity issues in rural and semi-rural areas of the US.

-We are industry experts. We know how to build scalable SaaS-based network solutions in the clouds, we know transportation and logistics, and we have come from high-volume NEMT brokerage.