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Company description

Parsons Marketing is a founding member of the Whole Wellness Club ( WWC ). The club is a powerful concept for people to have their own health food store from a home office. WWC products are priced to compete with similar quality products available at the consumers local health food store. WWC pays referral income for all new business that is referred to the Club. To find out more, go to my secure website here: Whole Wellness Club

Parsons Marketing is also affiliated with Global Virtual Opportunities and GVO Conference.  GVO and GVO Conference offer marketing services to business owners and anyone wishing to host webinars with a web conference room.

Both of these companies are debt free businesses.

Business model

Whole Wellness Club pays members referral income for sharing the products with others. The Club researchs the market place and brings natural health products to the market so as to promote wellness. The company believes in having the very best available products. The company's product line targets common health issues people face today.

There is no charge to become a member of the Whole Wellness Club. You can create an account and just be a preferred customer if you chose. For those that want to create a second income, you select the 'distributor' button during the enrollment process.

The company pays out 60 percent to the field for each new person that is enrolled into the club. The person that referred the new member earns a 50 percent 'rapid reward' and the sponsor of the referring member also is awarded a 10 percent reward. Find out more about the income plan by viewing the Opportunity Page at this website: Whole Wellness Club

Call me with any questions.

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