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Oversee.net leverages its proprietary technology and significant expertise to effectively address its customers' business needs — Oversee.net's online marketing solutions provide the greatest return on investment possible for a broad range of customers from search engines and publishers to advertising agencies and financial institutions.

Oversee.net is dedicated to building lasting partnerships with each customer. We pride ourselves in delivering on our promises and we have the speed, knowledge and agility necessary to shift our focus quickly to address what our users want.

The company has over 150 employees who work to deliver innovative online marketing solutions every day. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the Company is an industry leader, and has grown organically since its inception. By using knowledge of internet traffic and developing proprietary technology that focuses on optimized utilization of the Internet, the Company has achieved leadership positions in three core areas: direct navigation, lead generation and online advertising solutions.

In 2000, at the age of 21, Lawrence Ng and Fred Hsu saw beyond the dot-com bust. While many businesses were talking about the demise of the dot-coms, they were envisioning how the internet could change the advertising and add performance metrics to what is considered art as much as science. When Lawrence and Fred launched Oversee.net, they created a company from their personal savings. They focused on driving search-based traffic to advertisers while generating additional revenue streams for small to medium web sites. Using their knowledge of search technology, Lawrence and Fred understood that quality Internet traffic would form Oversee's foundation. Over the last six years, Oversee has grown steadily. The Company has flourished from its inception without outside funding and has achieved significant growth, standing out in a crowded marketplace.