Use our engagement platform to activate, incentivize, retain and better monetize your app customers.
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With 700,000 apps in both the Apple and Google Play stores, competition to get installs is fierce.  But unless you are a highly addictive game,  an even bigger challenge is getting customers to use your app after it’s installed. Brands spend millions to acquire app customers but fail to keep them engaged and active and are unable to maximize ROI.

Offerbus addresses the problem with a turnkey, easy to integrate engagement platform that combines notifications, virtual currency rewards and a digital goods redemption marketplace.  Developers can use the platform to engage, incentivize, retain and, if needed, monetize users.

Adapting a behavioral model developed by Stanford’s Persuasive Technology Lab, Offerbus help brands and developers seamlessly integrate an engagement fabric into their existing application experiences. Customizable, personal trigger notifications combined with a virtual currency rewards maximize engagement and retention by encouraging and rewarding habitual use.

Our platform also incentivizes the sharing of those engaging experiences across social media. This both reinforces usage (the more friends and family you have using an app, the more likely you are to retain and use it yourself) and increases free distribution opportunities giving marketers a double return on ROI.

For those developers who want to leverage our platform for monetization as well, Offerbus provides a mediated offer wall solution which brings together multiple offer providers This allows customers to shop for personalized deals and earn additional rewards.  

Competitors include Badgeville,  Pocketchange and Bunchball.  A handful of carefully selected customers are testing out or in the process of integrating our solution.  We are self-funded.

Business model

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Competitive advantage

Algorithms which determine optimal timing and frequency of engagement. Contact for more.