nSTEM is utilizing patent pending technologies to expand and differentiate patient specific pluripotent stem cells for regenerative therapy
Irvine, California, United States United States
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Company description

nSTEM is a research-driven bio-technology company that is creating outstanding tools and enabling technologies for cell culturing. The company has an introductory product line positioned for revenues in 12 months, and is developing additional product lines for long-term revenue growth. Based on patent pending nanotechnologies developed at the School of Engineering at the University of California, Irvine, nSTEM has created a product that will allow scientists to grow hES/iPS stem cells at up to a 50% net materials and labor savings and allow for derivation of patient‐specific stem cells. Along with these savings and benefits, this product provides the highest level of contaminant‐free environment and will accelerate the development of regenerative therapies. nSTEM's product, "XFGF‐ynS", is a synthetic nano‐structured substrate that provides an animal‐free, feeder‐free, and most importantly, growth factor free environment for growing stem cells. The majority of current techniques fail to provide the same level of value (cell quality relative to price) compared to nSTEM's product. Prototypes of XFGF‐SynS have been successfully tested within the university laboratories. The research behind developing this new technology has spanned over the past five years.

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