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Ankeena Networks
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Santa Clara, California, United States United States
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Company description

Ankeena Networks is a leading provider of new media delivery infrastructure solutions.  Ankeena's innovative Media Flow Director powers 3-screen delivery of live and on-demand rich media content, and also serves as a platform to integrate comprehensive solutions.  Ankeena's solutions deliver online content at a massive scale while providing a television-like viewing experience for media and dramatically lowering delivery costs.  The company offers purpose-built software appliances that combine deep media intelligence and open architecture to provide complete flexibility to providers. By leveraging Ankeena's solution, content and service providers can lower delivery costs while increasing profits over time. For an example of Ankeena's solution in action, visit Ankeena is based in Santa Clara, Calif., and the company's web site can be found at

Business model

Ankeena has created a software appliance that is purpose-built for media delivery. The software appliance model allows customers with volume purchase agreements with server vendors to derive maximum advantage of discount structures and avoid operational headaches of sparing and hardware maintenances, ship-backs etc.  The revenue model is based on delivery capacity based license along with maintenance and support. Once installed on a system, the customer can smoothly increase the capacity just by installing a higher capacity license - no fork-lift upgrades needed, up to full 10Gbps capacity of one system. Ankeena sells the software in incremental fashion so customers can buy what they need and increase their capacity as their needs increase. This incremental capacity model helps to ease adoption across various segments.


Ankeena is also forming delivery partnerships with delivery network providers and cloud-providers to be able to offer content publishers the flexibility of using a delivery network instead or in addition their own infrastructure.  This model may include support for subscription based licensing to fit better with Service Provider business models. At this early stage Ankeena is selling directly through direct sales force. Ankeena expects to sell through service providers and resellers within a year's time frame. Within two years, Ankeena also expects to be sold as OEM product by large storage and infrastructure vendors.

Competitive advantage

Ankeena Media Flow Director has the highest performance density in the market and supports up to 40,000 streams and 10Gpbs per rack unit for massive scalability. There is ten to one server reduction with Ankeena. Due to this significant server reduction, there are tremendous savings on space, power, cooling and operational expenses. Overall Media Flow Director can provide a total cost of ownership (TCO) savings of up to 70%.


Ankeena's competitive advantage is the highest performance density and TV-like experience at much lower costs.