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Company description
General: Mutineer Magazine (Wine Mutineer LLC) is beverage media company that currently produces a Nationally distributed print magazine and dynamic web site/blog.  Our mission is to meet the communications and media needs of the industry we serve while producing the best products we can for our customers.

The Mutineer Blog and print Mutineer Magazine work synergistically to give our readers and the industry the most complete and exciting beverage media experience possible. We typically post anywhere from 2 to 5 blogs a day and feature a wide range of guest bloggers.  Topics include news, interviews, new products, exploring ideas and controversies, history, and anything else related to fine beverage.  One aspect of the blog that has really had an impact on fine beverage companies is "The Happening", where we not only promote fine beverage events, but also interview the people behind them to help sell the event's vision.  We also feature other bloggers on our website through interviews, our featured blog of the week, and our blog roll. integrates web 2.0 and social media throughout the site which connect readers to our  Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Flickr pages. 

Mutineer Magazine is a staunch supporter of beverage blogs and websites.  Two challenges we see facing beverage blogs right now are attracting a larger audience to the medium and building commercial relevance and credibility, and with our current audience of 20,000 readers constantly being introduced to blogs through the Mutineer Blog and the print magazine, we are addressing these challenges.  

Mutineer Magazine (Print): Our first print edition was only 44 pages and came out in July 2007. We are currently on our fifth issue, which is up to 84 pages andis the first to be Nationally distributed through Curtis Circulation.  The magazine is structured to include a regular set of columns with unique authors in each issue, wine feature, beer feature, spirits feature, non-alcoholic feature, “Mutineer Interview”, and special reports.  Mutineer Magazine has developed a cult following and is looking forward to continued growth.

Business model
The business model of Mutineer Magazine is focused on creating the best beverage media company we possibly can while developing our presence as a national brand. We started to monetize the business in early 2009, and anticipate achieving profitability in early 2010.  Our main source of revenue is the advertising in the print magazine, and this is supported by paid subscriptions, advertising on, and events. As a self-funded business, we have achieved our growth through incorporating web 2.0 into every facet of our business plan, which has given us low-cost and creative opportunities to market and expand our brand while supporting the companies giving us these opportunities. 
Competitive advantage
Print Competition: We enjoy a strong competitive advantage over our print competition.  Most beverage magazines focus on ratings and fail to capture the fine beverage experience in the way that magazines that cover other industries do.  To understand the industry we serve and best capture the fine beverage experience on our blog and in the magazine, everyone at Mutineer Magazine is as involved as possible with fine beverage culture.  In the summer of 2008, Mutineer Magazine purchased a motorhome and Editor Alan Kropf went on a two-month tour beginning in Seattle and ending in Los Angeles, meeting with every winery he could along the way.  In addition to this, we’ve studied other publications and collected feedback from all aspects of the industry from producers to wholesalers to marketers, and we've developed the magazine's vision and business model from the ground up to meet the needs of the beverage industry.  For instance, we offer an advertising assistance program to provide small and startup companies with marketing opportunities not found in traditional beverage media.

The Mutineer team is currently wrapping up a 6 month visit to the Pacific Northwest to build relationships with companies in the region, network with local beverage writers who are experts on the area’s beverage scene, and create content for the magazine and blog.

We stay connected with beverage culture and the industry by getting involved with every beverage event we can, becoming a sponsor if possible, and assisting with promotion and providing pre and post event coverage on the Mutineer Blog. Several of these events are also featured in "The Happening" column in the print magazine, creating a completely new and engaging way to promote beverage events.  

Our innovative business model focuses on building strong partnerships with the blogging community, web 2.0, and the independent beverage scene in ways our competition has not. Our newest issue of the magazine features over 40 blogs as well as the full results of the American Wine Blog Awards, which is the first time these awards have been published in print.  

We've also made it very easy for beverage companies to reach out to us through our website, and have organized ourselves as a company to be as efficient as possible in acting on opportunities to allow us to be a resource for as many companies as possible. We have found through our research that a lot of beverage companies are frustrated with current beverage media, with common frustrations being that traditional publications are more interested in serving their own needs instead of being a resource for the industry and being out of touch with the culture that surrounds the industry.

Online Competition
: We don't feel that online companies are our competition, and we do everything we can to be a resource for them, many of which are startups with very little capital.  Companies we have formed partnerships with include,,,,, Women & Wine (, Wine Bloggers Conference, Twitter Taste Live, and many more, including a very long list of beverage blogs.