Mtly, where friends meet plans.
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Company description

To visualize Mtly, imagine a Twitter for sharing plan ideas like

Mtly is what’s been missing from traditional planners and event services. Mtly showcases motivating ideas of fun things to do, all written in the form of a natural and socially inspiring personal quote instead of just the plain facts.

Mtly is a geo-aware social community leveraging itunes-like preference recommendations for both plan ideas and for advertising. Mtly knows who is going where and when, and Mtly will be the best place to get the discounts and offers you'd need along the way.

Planning is a universal activity and Mtly works in any language and for any interest or lifestyle because it knows where you are, and it learns what you like. - a dating site centered around attractive date ideas. Mtly uses this same inspiration and personalization to drive a broader social community for all interests and lifestyles. - a simple plan service to broadcast and organize plans as a personal tool. Mtly is the first innovation beyond mere tools for planning and Mtly makes the process of organizing activities fun and rewarding in a social network setting.

Color - a social community centered around sharing photos. Mtly shares similar modern concepts but focuses instead on valuable and broadly useful functions and features. - a social community centered around group activities. Mtly is also a social community and Mtly leverages geo mobile access and itunes-like recommendations. 

As an advertising medium, Mtly creates an emotional response to the venues and regions and this emotional driver is what targeted advertisers value above all else.

Mtly is in final release candidate beta testing before launch in the iPhone AppStore this spring.

Business model

Mobile internet (WebServices) dot-com type business model

Competitive advantage

Imagine a Twiiter for Plan ideas. Mtly presents ideas in the form of an inspiring personal quote, not plain facts.