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Company description

Welcome to Modenus!


Modenus is the first social networking platform for the interior design industry, that combines the benefits of social networking with traditional business tools including manufacturers catalog with preference based browsing and an easy to use, fully integrated, project management system.

Professional designers and homeowners alike can use Modenus to network, blog, create personalized profiles, browse a vast manufacturers catalog, purchase products and manage projects, all without ever leaving the site.

For manufacturers and vendors within the interior design industry, Modenus is an affordable platform to reach a concentrated and highly motivated global demographic, thus maximizing potential ROI.



Business model

Modenus is a simple solution for an Industry that has suffered from the collapse of housing and construction markets. Following a true web 2.0 model, many of the valuable services on Modenus are free in order to create a level of motivation and loyalty in users that in return becomes very attractive for paying subscribers.


Industry situation

The concept for Modenus was developed in 2007/2008 by Veronika Miller and Dr Ian Gibson PhD. The goal of this collaboration was to find solutions to challenges the interior design industry faces, particularly in a slow economy, with a need for:

·         Structured project and business management in a creative industry

·         Streamlined overhead management to improve profits despite lower revenues

·         Peer-to-peer communication to exchange information and form common interest groups, such as buying groups to maximize profit potential

·         Structured presentation of industry resources on one single site and the ability to save and manage selected resources


The Modenus solution

The solution is two fold as it targets two different groups within the industry spectrum:

Design trade and consumers are offered a platform to network with peers or potential clients, to browse thousands of resources and to manage these resources.

Manufacturers and Vendors are given a very affordable option to list unlimited items, target a very well defined, motivated demographic and invite consumers and trade to engage in an open dialog in community forums and through news feeds.


Competitive advantage

Due to its visionary approach in combining established internet marketing tools and providing an efficient, goal oriented framework for them, Modenus positions itself as the solution to growing concerns of failing approaches in social network marketing and Ecommerce.

Key Elements in making Modenus a competitive Brand:

·         Low cost and manageable budgeting

Fixed annual charges for basic and premium listings, as opposed to being charged pay-per-click (PPC) or pay-per-1000-impressions (CPM), allow manufacturers to gauge advertising budgets more reliably and to figure ROI more easily. An overall very attractive pricing structure allows large and small manufacturers access to highly visible listings

·         First to Market

Modenus is the first website for the interior design industry to combine a fully developed social networking platform with a manufacturers catalog and project management system that also helps to facilitate e‑Commerce transactions wherever possible.

·         High site retention and conversion rates

The bespoke user style profile allows Modenus to suggest the most relevant products and find the closest matches among users in order to offer a most rewarding user experience on the site. Each and every item on the site and each registered user on the site are identified and defined through a very specific tag cloud, pertaining only to that item or user. With search results being listed in order of such personalized relevance, frustration in search results in minimized and retention of user on the site is maximized.

As users can expect to truly find what they are looking for every time they use the site, conversion rates will increase with increased confidence in the Modenus Brand.

·         The Modenus Brand

Branding through intensive communications and constant repetition will establish the Modenus brand in the interior design industry.

Daily use of the Modenus toolbar and project manager to bookmark, save and manage items, integration of Modenus in accredited interior design schools and broad marketing of the Modenus product catalog will create name recognition and habit in using Modenus.