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Crowdfunding for entertainment projects
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Company description holds a Licensee to the MediaShares' U.S. Patent (# 6,792,411) for its unique new method of Crowdfunding projects through a unique online IPO. MediaShares enables ANY company to raise funding by selling NASDAQ Capital Market stock on its own Web site. Movie companies, NASCAR Teams, and others use this new technique to get funding from their fans, customers, or affinity group.  


Business model

Crowdfunding for movies: CinemaShares NASDAQ-listed stock is offered to the public through DirectRegistration/DRS),  Movie fans buy a share of the company's stock online and later receive a free DVD as a stock dividend, plus their share of the film's earnings. Fans also receive other online benefits such as video from the set, voting, contests, tickets, merchandise coupons, etc. This method also works for ANY company with a large fan base and distributed media, such as movies, music albums, NASCAR teams, Broadway shows, race horses, and video games, etc.

Competitive advantage

Crowdfunding is already being implemented internationally through such sites as: www.Kickstarter for creative projects and and  for MUSIC,, and for MOVIES, for a FORMULA ONE DRIVER, for RACEHORSES, and for a SPORTS TEAM.