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matchmine is a media discovery company, meaning we help match people with video, audio and textual content based on a sophisticated understanding of their personal interests and tastes.

Matchmine is the media discovery company that works across those things, enabling users to save their preferences anonymously online in a MatchKey and letting publishers give them what they want right away.

As the range of available movies, music, video, blogs and other media has exploded, the demand for personalized recommendations has also increased. Most media-centric e-commerce sites (like, Netflix, and Rhapsody) now offer recommendations based on users’ prior behavior. The number of dedicated “discovery services” (like Pandora,, iLike, Flixster, iRead and others) has also expanded dramatically in recent years. Although these services can be quite useful, users are required to provide information about their preferences for each site. This can quickly become tedious. By the third or fourth site, the user may abandon the process altogether and leave the site. The matchmine approach solves this “cold start” problem.

matchmine makes personalization portable in a way that serves the interests of both users and publishers.
matchmine empowers users to create an anonymous representation of their personal preferences, called a
MatchKey™. A MatchKey is a collection of numerical scores across different media types, including movies, music, blogs and video. Each colored zone on the MatchKey represents a media type, with crystals rising from that zone, each one representing an individual attribute score. Users create their MatchKey quickly and easily by rating genres in different media types and store their MatchKey online. Once created, a MatchKey evolves based on the preferences expressed - explicitly or implicitly - by its holder on any web site, widget or application in the MatchKey Partner Network. The MatchKey evolution process means that each participating partner in the network benefits from user activity in the system as a whole, without sacrificing the proprietary value of their individual user relationship. The scores in a MatchKey represent an abstraction of preferences derived from user actions over time, rather than scores for individual content items. Only partners retain individual item ratings from their sites. Similarly, although users create their MatchKey anonymously, individual partners may choose to extend their understanding of what a user likes, to
knowledge of who that user is. Because users carry their MatchKeys with them, their preferences become portable across the web sites, widgets and applications where those preferences can create value. Since the matchmine platform operates across media types, in a multi-node ecosystem of sites, applications and devices, it maximizes predictive value over time. With more data comes greater predictive value, shared equally with participating MatchKey Partners.

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    Mike Troiano is the CEO of matchmine, the Boston-based media discovery platform provider that delivers personalized media recommendations across online applications and devices. Mike is a proven entrepreneurial leader with a track record of suc...
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