Lucky Day Entertainment, Inc.

Lucky Day Entertainment, Inc.
Play Free Games. Win Real Money!
Los Angeles, California, United States United States
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Company description

Lucky Day has been featured in Forbes, TIME, Fox News, NBC, Pando, Built in LA, etc. Find out what all the talk is about! Thousands of people are winning free money on Lucky Day every day. What are you waiting for?

"Lucky Day brings that Vegas entertainment and excitement to people all over the world without any of the risk, but the opportunity for all the rewards." - TIME

“New app growing in popularity and it all has to do with winning some free money …” - NBC (Interview by Christine Kim) 

"In arcades you can win a huge prize that can be turned into cash or lots of smaller prizes, but what Javaheri remembered most was, he says, 'the feeling of winning.' He wanted to deliver that winning-moment feeling and excitement to gamers on their phones, and for free." - FORBES

Lucky Day is a free app where you can win real money playing our slots, scratcher, lotto, and blackjack game.

Every 24 hours, you will be award bonus chips to play any of our games. If it is your Lucky Day, you might just win a cash prize worth anything from $0.10 to $100,000. 

Once you win you can easily cash out your money through PayPal. 

You are given the chance to win money without ever spending a dime — there’s no risk at all.

As more users join Lucky Day, the prize money and your chance at winning more and more cash grows exponentially.

Playing Lucky Day is better than playing the standard lottery, paying for a scratcher, or wasting money playing a slot machine or blackjack because you never have to spend a penny, yet still get the opportunity to win money.

Business model

Our business model is a combination of an advertising and in-app purchasing model. The advertising model we have set up is unique to Lucky Day and will disrupt mobile advertising. 

Competitive advantage

Our advantage is that we give out free money! On average we have a winner every 2 to 3 minutes and we plan on getting that down to a winner every minute. Users can win free money in less than 2 minutes a day by playing the games they already love!!