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Company description


Livzo is a workplace wellness platform to empower employees and fitness centers members. Livzo helps to track health, lifestyle and behavior data from wearable and medical devices in addition offering a social platform to engage peers and family members. Livzo provides a vehicle to support 24/7 work-life balance by transforming the workforce, fitness and wellness centers and prioritizing health, prevention and productivity. Livzo tailors content and social offerings while strengthening the connection between employees and wellness experts to create an ecosystem of personalized health.


- Comprehensive integration of exciting wellness offering at a company;  managing health data, data privacy and HIPPA;

-Flexible platform to bring efficiency, integration and customized holistic approach for each organization based of their culture, goals and budget;

-   Employees Performance increase by personalized approach managing chronic diseases and improving lifestyle choice/habits of employees;

-   Behavior and recommendation coaching 24/7, easy to use dashboards for one-o-one and group coaching;

- Integration with other vendors (integration with 200+ Apps, Wearable and Medical Device) to provide a complete employee benefit offering on one platform

-   Providing Behavior and Data Analytics, Tracking Device Agnostic

-   Health risk assessment, dynamic health score and gamefication rewards structure, Accurate reporting of program outcomes and relation to wellness ROI exactions

$7 billion Corporate Wellness, 122.3 million people are employed on a full-time in US

$ 22 billion annual gym & health club industry revenue, 50.2 million gym members in US







Business model

Providing Subscription based service ( PEPM)


Competitive advantage

Livzo supports all major wearable devices for health and wellness and leveraging data 24/7, performing deep data analytics to automate personalized recommendations.

Having domain expertise in technology and HiPAA compliant data services, lifestyle and personalized coaching, medical research, chronic disease management and social media to increase engagement and participation.