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Company description

LeafLit: A Tablet eReader Application


LeafLit is an eBook application that gives an enriched reading experience to ordinary eBooks through collections of annotations created by professional content creators or socially-connected readers. LeafLit allows for dynamically creating enhancing content to breath new economic life into the books we know and love.

LeafLit Opens a New Market

LeafLits for sale: LeafLits can be professionally crafted sets of illustrations, Author- or authoritative-commentary, or read-along academic perspectives. LeafLit creators sell their LeafLits in the LeafLit in-app market.

LeafLit is Social

Readers follow, and are followed by other readers (think Twitter metaphor) and see annotations from other readers in their social networks. Books are discovered and re-discovered through socially generated LeafLits.

LeafLit is a Platform

LeafLit is great for enterprise and education too. With the follow/followed features, groups of readers can enjoy a shared reading, annotating, commenting, or editing experience. Create a group, share a script, PDF, EPUB file, and read with collaborative annotations.

LeafLit is Valuable

  • Professionally Crafted LeafLits
  • Sponsored LeafLit entries
  • Premium 'Top-LeafLit' subscriptions
  • Usage for publishers & retail
  • Book sale commissions
  • Group/class management system







Business model

There are four identified markets:

  • Media and Entertainment
  • Education
  • Consumer
  • Enterprise

Media and Entertainment

The Media and Entertainment industry thrives on movies made from books - and much is made about these book-movie combos for good reason: They're economically rich. Here is a sample of 16 book-movie releases in 2014.

Best selling books such as Hunger Games and Divergent are converted into block-buster movies.

Divergent scored a whopping $54.6M opening in March and racked up $117M domestic and $139M worldwide in its first three weeks of release.  Sales of the Divergent series novels enjoyed a bump from the film’s release, with boxed set and multi-book e-bundles jumping up 55 percent in sales last week with nearly 20 million copies sold worldwide.

LeafLit is a product positioned to capitalize on book-movie pairs.

Lionsgate's business, for example, built on Summit Entertainment’s Twilight Saga books and The Hunger Games trilogy, continues to base its future slates on book acquisition.

The goal of film production companies is to maximumize ticket sales.

Divergent sold 13M copies before the movie release. To draw those 13M readers into theaters, LeafLits containing frame-shots, out-takes, coupons, director's commentary, merchandise sales, and much more can be incorporated and released in a drum-beat to the movie opening. The business model is a combination of NRE, platform license, and LeafLit revenue (for premium "Official Release" LeafLits).


LeafLit is designed to suit the needs of the shared-reading experience required of univerisity students and alumni.  LeafLit is engaged with a tier-one University on three levels: incoming freshmen reading program, undergraduate academic studies, and the global alumni reading program. Each of these separate initiatives leverage the community commentary and annotation features of LeafLit.

One of the goals of Duke University's incoming student and alumni reading programs is creating a shared experience using technology.  LeafLit is designed from the ground up to meet that goal - and takes shared reading beyond comments by readers to a multi-media experience that can include the University academic staff and book authors directly.  Professors and authors and create LeafLits including images, notes, and video that exist dynamically - and within defined reading communities.

In the classroom, services like Rap Genius, which has been "hacked" for use in commening on academic papers, can be replaced with purpose-built LeafLit.

There are 6,742 post-secondary schools,1.7M college professors, and 20M students starting college each year in the U.S.  LeafLit provides a versatile platform that facilitates collaborative reading and annotation with rich content for this market.  The business model is NRE and seat licenses.

Consumer can provide future revenue generation via LeafLits for sale:

LeafLits can be professionally crafted sets of illustrations, author- or authoritative-commentary, or read-along academic perspectives.  LeafLit creators sell their LeafLits in the LeaftLit in-app market.

  • Professionally Crafted LeafLits
  • Usage data sales for book publishers & retail
  • Sponsored LeafLit entries
  • Book sale commissions
  • Premium ‘Top-LeafLit’ subscriptions

Enterprise provides additional growth opportunities:

Enterprise applications could include:

  • in-house field manuals with dynamically updated content from field technicians.
  • Consumer-downloadable manuals with dynamically updated images, comments, and how-to text from socially connected product owners
Competitive advantage

LeafLit's passionate founder is Augusto Cavalcanti who is also the owner of Daitan Group.  Daitan is the majority owner of LeafLit and it is Daitan's tier-1 development team that are now LeafLit's development team. This team of developers have extraordinary competency in design and development of software from high performance telecommunications systems to gaming platforms.  LeafLit is software at its best.

LeafLit is an application – but it’s also a platform from which LeafLits of rich annotations are stored and served. 

Success means millions of readers annotating books as they read, thus high transaction rates of structured and unstructured data are required.  Daitan has substantial experience in development of high-transaction rate systems of structured and unstructured data.

Augusto Cavalcanti
Augusto Cavalcanti is Founder and CEO of Daitan. Founded in 2004, Daitan is a highly reliable outsourcing partner for a wide range of industries including Telecom, Cloud, Web 2.0, Mobile and Games development. Our experience includes iOS, Andro...