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Jobs in Pods, the internet’s first ever audio job board. Unlike the traditional job boards you are used to visiting, Jobs in Pods is a place to actually hear from the employers themselves through audio interviews with their HR managers/employees. But its more than just a job board. Its a platform that allows employers to humanize themselves with a cool social media recruiting tool.

These “jobcasts” give you unique insight into different aspects of the company such as:

What it’s like to work there, the kinds of people they hire, the benefits they offer and what their ideal candidate is like.

At the end of each podcast you’ll be instructed on how and where to apply to the jobs you just heard about. Each podcast comes with a blog post which lists all the relevant links and information about the employer and their job listings.

You can search this site just like a job board. Each podcast is categorized by the types of jobs mentioned and their location. Visit the job categories to the right to browse the ‘jobcasts‘ and find the ones that interest you.

There are also a number of ways to stay updated on new podcasts by subscribing to our RSS feeds. Each job category also comes with its own feed so that you can subscribe to just the ones that interest you.

You can also download the MP3 files to your computer or iPod.

For employers this site represents a new way to talk to the iPod generation of job candidates coming your way. Check out what the recruiting industry is saying about our service.

  • Chris Russell
    Chris Russell | Team member
    I am a 10 year veteran of the online employment space. I currently run a six figure network of regional job boards called But my new passion involves a social media recruiting tool called Jobs in Pods.Jobs in Pods is a blog/podc...
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