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A text a day keeps unemployment away!
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Company description

Job Rooster texts jobs postings directly to your mobile phone. Get free job alerts, company info, and send jobs to your inbox without ever needing a computer or Internet connection.

Text the word JOBS to 27697 (or to 415-787-3906 for MetroPCS), enter ZIP code and job type, and customized jobs will be sent to your phone. Jobs are sourced through various job boards partnerships with partners like,, and Indeed. 

For employers, Job Rooster's service helps pre-qualify candidates, saving time and allowing HR specialists to identify the best applicants quickly.

At Job Rooster, our vision is to connect every worker to the global marketplace of opportunity through affordable, accessible text messaging services. We want to empower the World Wide Workforce!

As a social enterprise, Job Rooster is working to redress social and economic inequalities that prevent everyone from enjoying the full range of opportunities they deserve. Through our service, you can have local job postings, volunteer assignments or educational class listings sent directly to your mobile phone.

What began as an idea to help connect local businesses and organizations to their communities has grown into a larger mission to put people back to work in jobs that fully engage them and help reduce unemployment and underemployment worldwide. By building our workforce services around an easily accessible and widely available platform – the mobile phone – we hope to connect underserved communities to the professional opportunities that will help them realize a rich life.

Job Rooster is easy to use, and can be accessed by job seekers at their mobile phone at any time of day, anywhere. Now you don’t need to be in front of a computer to find the next great opportunity! Work smarter, not harder with Job Rooster, and join thousands who “rise to their calling” every day.


Business model

Employers pay Job Rooster when they (1) post jobs ($75/post), or (2) communicate with applicants/candidates ($0.05/msg). Anonymous analytics data is also sold to employers to help them better understand their local labor market dynamics.

Competitive advantage

Job Rooster is first to market with its patent-pending service. We have signed partnerships with the State of Oregon, Greater Wilkes Barre Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles Trade Technology College,,,,, and, among others. These partnerships provide Job Rooster unique access to over 60 million job seekers and tens of thousands of employers. Conversations are currently underway with the State of Texas, Taleo, First Advantage, True Blue Inc, and Verizon to further deepen our client base and integrate our technology into these firms' platforms. Last, our advisory team provides us credibility and insight that hasten our time to market.