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Company description

Invivox is a worldwide medical platform that connects medical experts and practitioners in view of offering on-site (inside the operating room), one-to-one practical training sessions alongside experts.

Invivox reinvents medical mentoring, which is the basis of the transmission of knowledge between physicians.

Practically speaking, medical experts open their OR to other surgeons from around the world.

On one hand, Experts set the dates, the number of physicians they can accomodate in their OR and the price per participant.

On the other hand, surgeon can look for a specific training, register and pay on line and then travel to the place of the Expert for a real live mentoring experience.

According to physicians, there is no better way to acquire a new technique.

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Awards and Mentions
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    Shortly after the Brexit vote in the UK, France took over the position as the world’s fifth largest economy. The “Grande Nation” has a very vital startup ecosystem and with Paris one of the leading startup hubs in Europe. Given that France itself represents quite a big market, many French startups still tend to build products and services for their home market first (or only) instead of building international companies right from the start. Nevertheless, France already “produced” quite a significant number of tech success stories. Companies like BlaBlaCar, Criteo, Deezer and Dailymotion were all created in France. In the beginning of this year we took a close look at the French startup scene with the goal to provide you with a list of 10 promising startups to watch in 2017. All of the startups we’re listing below were founded within the last two years and each one of them is -at least in our view- heading towards a successful future.
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    Invivox has been elected one of the top 10 most innovative start-up in France in 2016
  • Business model

    Invivox takes a commission (10 to 25% based on the number of participants) on each training booked by a physician.

    Invivox proposes a SaaS business model to the Medical Device Manufacturers

    Competitive advantage

    1. Advantage of the first entrant - there is no direct competitor at the time being

    2. "Best experts in class" approach

    3. New features added everymonth

    • travel agency to facilitate the venue to an expert
    • CME credits available depending on trainings
    • Evaluation form after every training

    4. Medical Device Industry seduced by Invivox as we facilitate the training of their clients with their existing faculty. Several clients amongst the medical industry already working with Invivox

    5. Possibility for an hospital to become a International Training Hub and to offer global  visibility to the experts working in the hospital

    6. Concrete answer to a major challenge of the XXIth century : the Continuous medical training of physicans.

    7. Medical societies have started to partner with Invivox to facilitate training between their members.


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    ISAI, THE FRENCH TECH ENTREPRENEURS' FUND ISAI, the French Tech Entrepreneurs’ fund (micro VC format), was founded by Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, Stéphane Treppoz, and Ouriel Ohayon and is managed by Jean-David Chamboredon,...