The stand-alone resume is a thing of the past... InterviewStudio is the future
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Company description

An online SaaS presentation platform that can “hook and integrate  any and many” digital assets (video, pdf, word doc, URL, etc.) onto one cool interactive screen and email that presentation out as an URL link to any audience for viewing; the first application, InterviewStudio, presents job candidates (their resume, video interview, endorsements, assessment test results, LinkedIn profile, Google info and more all on one screen) for viewing/vetting by recruiters and hiring managers upfront in the process, which saves up to 6 weeks in the hiring cycle, and thousands of dollars in interview travel costs and wasted time spent with candidates who don’t fit.  See sample here:  This is NOT a Video Resume!  It's the NEXT thing: the Total Candidate Profile(TM), which aggregates all data about a job candidate on one dashboard.


Business model

SaaS model, subscription based service.  Employers and Recruiting Firms sign up for monthly or annual accounts of (varying showcase volumes) and distribute their passcode to job candidates of their choice.  These job candidates go to to create a Total Candidate Profile or "showcase" including a video interview with that Employer's passcode.  When completed by candidate, the showcase is automatically submitted back to that Employer or Recruiting Firm which has exclusive rights to view those candidate showcases.

Additionally, job candidates can go directly to to create a Showcase, and pay $49 online to send this Total Candidate Profile to any Employer or Recruiter of their choice as an URL link.

Showcase viewing by account holders and guests is captured and tracked.

Go-To-Market Strategy:  Direct Phone selling to recruiting firms, who are indirect marketing channels to Employers, as they present their candidates in the InterviewStudio "Total Candidate Profile" format.  Online sales to job candidates through ecommerce portal, who build their online showcases and email them as an URL link to any Recruiting Firm and/or Employer.  Additionally we  have a strong SEO program in place which places us consistently on Page #1 of Google for over 10 of the top industry niche keywords and phrases.

Competitive advantage

Investors can see our Private document regarding Competitive Advantages in the uploaded documents section.