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InfoCodex AG Semantic Technologies

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InfoCodex AG  Semantic Technologies
Turning Information into Knowledge
Buchs SG, Switzerland Switzerland
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Company description

InfoCodex AG Semantic Technologies is a privately hold software development company with its core competencies in the area of knowledge management and semantic technologies.

The semantic technology of InfoCodex makes a cross-language, mechanised understanding of the content of documents possible – so well, that InfoCodex can generate abstracts from them and, fully automatically, arrange them into virtual “bookshelves”. The application focuses are the categorization and semantic matching of unstructured documents, e.g.
- matching of job descriptions with candidate profiles in HR management
- matching of ads with the content of the Web page currently viewed
- spidering out into the Web and gathering data on specific fields of interest (compliant with a conceptual text filter set by the user)


Business model

The company sells InfoCodex licences to its customers (Web-based standard version or API version for integrating the software into the customer’s software environment), and it provides a qualified support for the customizing of the application.

In addition, InfoCodex is offered in the form of a Software as a Service (SaaS).

Competitive advantage

InfoCodex is a patented, semantic information and knowledge management technology which comprehends the thematic content of and categorises documents – across lingual barriers and fully automatically.  That is, without any human effort, and without extremely time-consuming case specific training with large sample collections.

InfoCodex can search and find truly cross-lingual (EN, DE, FR, IT, ES) – and not only for keywords, as common search engines, or synonyms, but also using free text in colloquial language.

InfoCodex implements a scientifically well-founded similarity measure – employed for the comparison of queries with documents, and documents with each other.  This enables an objective ranking of search hits as well as a reliable matching of documents.

The first USP is the most important.  This distinguishes InfoCodex from all other products.  With wide-ranging consequences: InfoCodex does not only allow a substantial reduction of costs, but also opens up previously inaccessible avenues paving the way for conquering new fields of activity.