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Indee. inc.
Simple & Scalable Cell Therapy
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Company description

Indee is an early stage biotechnology company developing a new method and device for delivering therapeutically relevant molecules into cells. This device is aimed at addressing the current unmet need in clinical and commercial scale manufacturing for affordable and scalable cell-based therapies.

Indee was founded on the idea that everyone should be able to access safe, effective, and affordable cell-based therapies. We believe our patent pending platform technology will reduce the manufacturing costs and extend the accessibility of life-saving cell therapies.




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Business model

Indee is building the next generation platform technology for cellular delivery with the express purpose of making cell therapy manufacturing scalable and affordable.

We will validate our platform at the R&D stage by working with leaders in the cellular engineering field to identify and develop their therapeutic candidates and carry them through clinical manufacturing to the commercial manufacturing stage.

The structure of these collaborations will entail an upfront payment followed by milestone based payments (CBER IND filing, Phase I-III, etc.). Upon ultimate approval of the therapeutic, Indee will be granted the manufacturing contract as stated in the terms of the initial agreement.

This payment structure ensures that Indee can afford to fully support the initial development stage and subsequent stages. As our company gains traction, and our manufacturing platform is proven to be of scientific and financial value, we can expand to CMOs (Lonza, WuXi Apptec) and emerging cell therapy manufacturing centers (Cell Therapy Catapault, etc.). We will also continue to expand our client list around additional cell types and therapeutic entities. 


Competitive advantage

Existing clinical and commercial level cell delivery technologies center around electroporation and viral-mediated delivery. Both methods have substantial drawbacks when viewed from the financial, safety, and scalability perspectives in a clinical and commercial manufacturing setting. 

Indee's platform allows for a non-viral method of cellular delivery that can handle large volumes of cell suspensions processed with high cellular viability and sufficient efficiency for therapeutic efficacy. It can be easily integrated into stand-alone manufacturing facilities or existing technologies (CliniMACs Prodigy). In addition, the cost of our microfluidic cell delivery chips allows extremely low cost manufacturing of a single therapeutic dose on a patient-by-patient (autologous) basis: one chip, one patient, one therapeutic.


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