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Company description

Imfinity is a Software Product Outsourcing company that helps software companies build competitive products.

Software companies face various problems in building competitive products, primarily because they cannot afford to invest time and resources in product quality and technical expertise due to increasing customer pressures.

Balancing time to market pressures and superior quality is our forte at Imfinity, and that is the essence of the value we bring to our clients. We bring you the much needed technical expertise, outstanding people and quality processes to build great products, on time.

As a product outsourcing company, we are committed to:

  • Design and develop products and applications that form the core of your business, enabling you to offer the most competitive product to your market
  • Deliver software solutions that are a specialized mix of technical expertise, quality procedures and services
  • Provide IT consulting and Technology recommendations that help us build invaluable customer relationships, a collaboration which results in transformational outsourcing to deliver results in the most demanding time constraints.

Imfinity is an agile force that can mobilize itself to work under the most demanding and pressurizing situations. Our client management teams ensure painless project management, resulting in the fastest turnarounds. The client teams are complemented by professionals at our delivery center, who capture replicable components of methodologies and technologies to create client solutions quickly, predictably and cost-effectively.

This attitude to software development is deep rooted in our work culture, exemplified by our Core Values.

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Business model

Imfinity's Client Engagement Model is a software product development framework that is built around global best practices. Leveraging on our product architecting knowledge, reliable program management and global delivery capability, we help realize our clients' rapid go-to-market strategy, ensuring high product quality standards and simultaneously reducing engagement risks.

Competitive advantage


Reducing time-to-market and ensuring first-mover advantage is key for the success of software product companies. Imfinity's Rapid-Prototyping Cycle enables to progressively augment the product feature set without compromising on the product launch schedule. The unfrozen feature set allows you to fine tune your product to suit changing customer needs.


Mature processes coupled with reusable and robust frameworks and toolsets ensures quality and at the same time keeps a low total cost of ownership.


Head quartered in Singapore, Imfinity has the access to the most reliable Program Managers and the very best of infrastructure. The strong legal framework enforces stringent Intellectual Property Rights. These characteristics mitigate engagement risks and ensure consistent and reliable delivery of services.