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Lookandtaste.com is the new and hip way of interacting with other food loversworldwide. Not only do you get to upload your own recipe videos,develop your profile and prove your culinary genius to everyone but youalso have the option of learning a few things from our professionallyproduced video cooking tutorials. Our recipe videos have been developedby two top class chefs who have travelled the world, cooking for therich and famous and picking up many varieties of cooking styles. At lookandtaste.com we hope to not only nurture and develop people's love of foodbut also to provide a bit of fun and entertainment. Throughout the yearwe will be running competitions which will hopefully lead to a fewstars being borne.

Lookandtaste was created by three guys with avision of the future of cooking. Our belief is that we can save peoplea lot of kitchen space by helping them ditch their cook books, in therecycling bin of course, for their own 24/7 online chef.

Instructedby Niall Harbison viewers will learn handy cooking tips that are easyto use and produce incredible results. Pieter Plaetinck, with 27 yearsof cooking experience, is hugely involved in the recipe developmentprocess and is the guy who cracks that whip.

At the end of theday, whether you're a culinary mastermind or a complete beginner wehave plenty of recipe videos and cooking tutorials that will empowerand challenge you.

Build your profile, post your recipe videos, watch cooking tutorials, become a celebrity chef via lookandtaste!!
Business model
Lookandtaste is a free service to users. The business model is one of advertising revenue (video, banner, product placement & sponsorship) as opposed to subscription fees and we will also be releasing a free and paid for iPhone app in the coming weeks. 
Competitive advantage
High quality professionally produced video recipes for free with a social community for food lovers. New features to be added in coming months which will distinguish us from our competitors.