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HR CUBE remodels hiring process to make it Simple, Cost-Effective and Time-Saving. They bridge the increasing gap between Talent and Opportunities by creating a loop among Hiring Managers, Job Seekers and Experienced Mentors. HR CUBE addresses the services to Students, Jobseekers, Hiring Managers and Mentors.

It connects students to experienced mentors who guide them through all queries pertaining to their every step towards a perfect career.

HR CUBE provides the jobseekers, not only with a personalized job-search, but also with thorough mentoring and guidance helping them in all ways from writing a great resume to cracking an interview.

Apart from the vibrant community discussions, the One-on-One Messaging facility gives jobseekers the freedom to share their problems with their mentor without hesitation.

Students and Jobseekers get access to workshops, events and internship opportunities.

HR CUBE lets the Hiring Managers choose from a short list of prequalified candidates that are best suited for their enterprise, thus saving time and cost. The services come with a Freemium Plan.

The Mentors can associate for free and share their knowledge and experience to guide the students and jobseekers. They can participate in interviews, events and earn.

HR is Free for Students and Jobseekers.