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Unlock culture with ongoing recognition and feedback.
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Hi5 is a cloud employee recognition and appreciation platform that enables staff within companies to recognise and rate each other in real time, allowing management and HR teams to track and monitor values and goals, as well as measure culture and happiness across the organisation. Users are able to recognize peers, provide continuous feedback to co-workers, and anonymously rate staff members. Hi5 integrates with Slack and comes with native mobile apps for Android and iOS for reviewing while on-the-go.

Hi5 enables co-workers to give recognition and appreciation for one another in real time, and provide continuous feedback on the culture, growth and happiness of the company. Team members can give a Hi5 to any co-worker via the cloud based platform, or mobile device. Users can tag colleagues who worked together on a project, back a Hi5 posted by another member, and even add GIFs or images. The Hi5 Wall of Fame provides a live feed TV stream view for all staff, helping make recognition more visible across the company.

As employees give recognition and show appreciation to other team members, it enables management and HR teams to measure culture, happiness, and growth across the organisation, as well as track and monitor goals. Via the company dashboard, management staff can view the general progress of their employees at-a-glance with real time employee data and insights. Users can see who has been giving and receiving Hi5’s across various departments, roles and offices, helping them to understand which employees are making an impact.

Additional features include a notice board to share news and make company-wide announcements, a people directory for tracking employee details, as well as a Hi5 Leaderboard to see how much recognition is being given compared to other team members.

• Create, manage & view the results of customised micro-surveys with the Pulses feature
• Microsoft Teams & WhatsApp integration for recognition
• Company Calendar & Notice Board
• View a dynamic Organisational Chart of your company with the Organogram feature
• Easy-to-manage Recognition Dashboard for rewards nominations
• Create printable Hi5'er of the month posters
• Get Hi5'ed by people outside of your company by sharing your External Hi5 link or QR code
• Download the Mac or Windows Desktop apps for easy access on your computer







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