Hardwired Interactive, Inc.

Hardwired Interactive, Inc.
Hardwired Interactive, Inc. Improves the online social network experience by providing a simple user friendly Web 2.0 suite of technologies
The Woodlands, Texas, United States United States
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The Hardwired Interactive Platform(HIP) is destined to be a innovative platform that enables the convergence oftraditional email, music, RSS Feeds, text messages, picture messages and videoto be combined and stored in a single platform.  Components of each type of technology are available todayindividually, but when combined into a single platform the Hardwired platformstands out as a unique solution that Web 2.0 companies will use to greatlyreduce their development time – focusing on their revenue generating businessmodel not technology.  As aplatform – Hardwired will be unique. And in today’s economy where speed to market for as little cost aspossible rules – the opportunity to utilize Hardwired as a ubiquitous platformis compelling.


Overview: Hardwired’sgoal is to deliver world class digital experiences — music, games, video ornetwork based services — wherever and whenever consumers want them.  Our strategy is to continue to (1)develop technology that provides meaningful differentiation to our chosenmarkets in digital entertainment services; (2) build a direct relationshipwith, and grow, our worldwide user base; and (3) create strong businesspartnerships with musicians, artists, content owners, media companies, serviceproviders and other distribution channels in order to build a sustainable andprofitable global business. We intend to expand our products and servicesbeyond the PC to mobile devices and to create compelling digital mediaexperiences on a variety of entertainment devices over time.


As a young public company we intendto use the public market to finance acquisition opportunities to further ourstrategic initiatives and to enhance our competitive position. We want to focusour acquisition efforts principally to identify and acquire targets (1) withcomplementary technologies and products to ours in order to accelerate andsupplement our research and development efforts, (2) to increase thedistribution of our products and services into new geographies and (3) to gainsignificant new customers.


Due to the flexibility of oursoftware design we are adding focus in our HIP platform to growing ASP servicesfor Web 2.0 companies.  In additionto the revenues from our digital entertainment services we believe that the opportunityof an ASP business model will create a stable, recurring, and scalable revenuestream for our software license sales model we envision with the HIP Platform.



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