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Oakland, California, United States United States
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Company description

GroupFlix is the first a la carte TV platform powered by group demand. Our platform facilitates crowd funding for entertainment content.

By joining groups of their favorite shows, consumers build demand.  When a group reaches its goal, content is unlocked for viewing within 24 hours of the respective show's airing.  

The types of shows we will enable access to will include Scandal, The Walking Dead, Homeland and others.



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Competitive advantage

Itunes, Amazon (non-prime), and other 'next-day air' paysites are competitors, but none of them offer a subscription and our pricing is better. Hulu and Netflix are actually complementary products to many of our customers.

Amazon is in the strongest position to grow market share in the next-day window due to their large captive audience. However, the next-day window is a small portion of their larger product portfolio and is currently a loss-leader. Over 50% of Prime Members are not aware of their free video service, and they don’t have discovery tools (like Netflix) which supports user retention.