Forward-looking personal financial management software
Santa Barbara, California, United States United States
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Company description

GreenSherpa is remaking the online personal financial management software market with a SaaS product that is forward looking, answering in real time the questions “how am I doing and can I afford this.”  In this current economic environment, especially, individuals and families are stressed about their financial health. More than ever before, people are looking for a personal financial management product to help them restore a feeling of security and peace-of-mind in these uncertain times. GreenSherpa is the product tobring clarity, power and choice to consumer’s financial picture.

GreenSherpa addresses the problems that other financial management software ignore: the consumer’s financial future. The current solutions, including Quicken, Money and Mint, focus on financial record keeping.They can tell you where you’ve been but they lack good tools for helping you figure out where you are going financially. Financial peace-of-mind can only come when you know that you are all financially set for next month, the next six months, the next year.

Green Sherpa has all the features to track financial history, of course, but that is just the starting point. Green Sherpa is the only application that offers Personal Cash Flow Management, a truly forward looking solution that empowers consumers by giving them clarity into their financial future. And Green Sherpa is the only product to offer online collaboration witha spouse or trusted advisor, enabling busy people to have the financial conversations that lead to sound decisions and financial success.

Business model
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Private Labeling
Competitive advantage
  • Empowers users to make good financial decisions now by being able to more clearly see and plan their financial future
  • Provides accountability and feedback through collaboration feature which enables sharing with a spouse, financial planner or CPA
  • Greater privacy than free services which make money through mining customer data
  • Greater flexibility within the application: unrestricted customization of categories, ability to track any account, whether aggregated or not
  • Better bank support - GreenSherpa has it's own aggregation engine which supplements aggregation from Yodlee