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Company description

Gigawatt is a crowdfunding platform that specializes in "blitz fundraising" and helps groups hit their goals quickly with exciting 24-hour giving campaigns. We developed our "24-Hour Formula" when we raised over $150,000 for Muhlenberg College (PA) in 24 hours.

Our 24-hour crowdfunding platform creates excitement and it feeds to the short attention spans of Millennials. Once 24 hours is up, these campaigns disappear forever... We're pretty much "SnapChat for Crowdfunding." We've built the only platform with automated crowdfunding and team collaboration tools, which makes Blitz Fundraising possible. Each "Blitz" follows a pre-launch plan that helps teams raise money efficiently and fast. 

Gigawatt’s founding team graduated from Lehigh University and lived together while participating at the Boost.VC accelerator program. We've built a strong relationship founded upon complementary skills. Greg Horn has over five years of consultative technology sales experience. Jacob Katzen is a full-stack developer specializing in web app development. Jake Huber is an MBA candidate and previously worked at and led teams at Ernst & Young.

We were accepted into the Boost.VC Accelerator (backed by Tim Draper) and recently finished its three-month program in San Mateo, CA. Now that we're out, we're looking for a new home in the Oakland/East Bay area to settle down and grow our business.

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Business model

Gigawatt charges a 5% transaction fee on every donation processed through the platform. This is on top of standard credit card processing fees.

Competitive advantage

One of our biggest advantages is our expertise in crowdfunding, specifically with 24-hour blitz fundraising. We developed our "24-Hour Formula" when we raised over $150,000 for Muhlenberg College (PA) in 24 hours. While other crowdfunding platform only offer ideas about running a crowdfunding campaign, we've built tools around and automated the process that makes a 24-hour campaign successful.

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