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We've built the first Achievement-based site for developers to share and brag with their peers about their great work. In Geeklist developers can build their achievement history and build relationships with fellow geeks and hiring managers who wish to find them. We are the Code Monkey Initiative and we disrupt developer sharing and communication.

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Company description

Geeklist is the first ever achievement based network for developers to showcase their accomplishments, share their resources and connect with companies. ( Here's a private beta invite for Vator/Splash code: bloodymary )

There is no other place on the web where you can find out who built what, using which technologies, who they built it with, when and for whom.

Inside Geeklist you'll find the worlds leading developers sharing great achievements like:


  • Reuben Katz
    Reuben Katz | Founder
    I'm building Geeklist. I founded my first VC backed company in '99 and sold it in 2002. Been building businesses since. This is by far my most exciting...
  • Laurel Baldwin
    Laurel Baldwin | Team member
  • Christian Sanz
    Christian Sanz | Team member
Business model

To begin, we've landed our first paying customers, including Spotify. Our clients pay a subscription monthly per 'seat' or in our case 'profile'. Our beta revenues that we have just begun billing for are based on an $700/month per seat model for companies. This is equal to that of Linkedin, Monster, Dice, only their information is flat resume based. 

Our business model builds a global community of the worlds most valuable resource. More valuable than their weight in gold, Developers are sought after around the world and finding who has built what has been impossible. Until now. We give you the very first Who did what, where, when and with what technology, with whom they built it, for whom and what was the outcome. 

Just imagine the data we have gathered already. Want to know who built Airbnb's Mobile solutions? There's a card for that. Want to know who scaled Twitter or built the #newnewtwitter? There are cards for that too.

So to make money we first charge a subscription to 'Verified Companies' to utilize our back end tools to communicate and build relationships with developers. This fills up their pipeline of developers and helps them recruit because we all know the best recruits come from referrals, which come from relationships. Next we get into data and analytics. Yes, who uses what, where they use it, what they use it on and with whom.


Competitive advantage

There is no place for developers to share and brag about their great work. No place where they can interact, communicate and build their Geek Identity. We do this by providing developers a way to communicate in an organic manner which comes naturally to them, unlike resumes which just suck. Our competitive advantage is in our unique achievement based network and community. Like Zappos, we do it better than anyone.

It's importat to note that we are building completely transparent social validation tools within the platform. By adding contributors, links and soon 'endorsers' you are able to see much deeper into what the developer really did. Unlike with LinkedIn where it's a very vague, non-relational "works well with others" type of statement. We show you what developers have achieved.