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Company description

FORCE is the company that specialize in interpreting biosignals. The first product - EMtracker - is an integrated solution for seniors care. We already have $80K in paid pre-orders and $560K in LoI. Unlike any other wrist-worn wearables, EMtracker is equipped with unique sensors, that works across any skin type or color, natural or designed (clinical trials and first pilots completed). That allows us to figure out not only a stress of the user but also a reason of the stress and come up with the individual recommendations for the wearer.

We just graduated from the Alchemist Accelerator. Our Demo Day video (4 mins only including customer's intro) is here

Please note, that the deck is covering just the first product - EMtracker. We also have some other products in the pipeline, including the device for gesture recognition and optical wellness detection. We are proud to have a team of European leading professors and Ph.Ds in bioengineering and math, who share our vision of creating an entire solution for personalize wellness insights and increasing a quality of life.

Competitive advantage

0. High adoption rate across seniors (92% keep wearing the device after 1 month of use)
1. Measurement both HRV and BIS from the single sensor
2. Measurement of vital data from any skin type or color
3. Stress level measurement based on both HRV and BIS
4. Accurate fall detection from the wrist-worn device.