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The Fluence platform connects creators, artists, and makers to the curators and trusted sources of the web. Any producer or brand can send their media to curators and domain experts for feedback and promotional advice. Fluence's platform manages and values everyone's attention on their own terms in a fair and equitable model.

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Company description

Fluence helps all the art, ideas, and products in the world find their full audience. The platform send your media directly to curators, domain experts, and other trusted sources for their attention and feedback. Major media producers and serious regulars around the world are using Fluence to promote their work across the music, entertainment, and technology industries.

Our long-term vision is to improve culture by letting creators and brands access the right people who can give them feedback and promotional help for their media. In the process we aspire to shepherd in a more personal, direct, and people-powered model to advertise and promote on the web. 





  • William White
    William White | Founder
    CTO - 15 years of experience building enterprise and consumer apps. Led team of 10 engineers to develop large scale content personalization platform at AOL. Awarded 5 US software patents for media recommendation work at Yahoo.
  • Shamal Ranasinghe
    Shamal Ranasinghe | Founder
    Shamal is the Cofounder, CEO of Fluence, a company focused on helping creators of all kinds connect with curators, domain experts, and other trusted sources.
Business model

Fluence is currently based on a marketplace model. Media is submitted to curators based on the terms of their engagement. Fluence makes it easier to access curators and domain experts who can give feedback and promotional advice on any submitted media. It's a more affordable way to market your media.

Competitive advantage

Fluence's competitive advantage lies in the core technology to manage and quantify an individual's attention on the web. The simple utility is being used by the creative community to connect artists, producers, and entrepreneurs to curators and promoters who can give them feedback and amplify their signal.